Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Insight to Mini Cooper 2010 Lineup

The 2010 Cooper Mini is fully revamped, and the modified version is carried forward from the 2007 model year. Some of the enhancements, which were not seen on past year's Cooper Mini, are included for this year; here's an insight.

Styling Cues
The front end of this car is redesigned with a pedestrian friendly design to avoid accidents. Moreover, the length of this vehicle has become 3 inches longer than its previous model. But, this car comes with same width and height as that of its previous version. Its wheelbase is also unaltered; for 2010, the vehicle is provided in only hatchback body style.

What's New in 2010 Cooper Mini?
Apart from above-mentioned changes, the new Cooper Mini comes with a high fuel-efficient 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which churns out 118 horsepower. The engine is available in only turbocharged version, and it delivers117 lb-ft of torque. The generated power is directed to all four wheels with the help of six gear manual transmission, though automatic transmission is also available too.
Coming to interiors of Cooper Mini 2010 edition, it is fully packed with plenty of advanced features along with the existing features in earlier versions. The interior contains larger central Speedometer and sound system controls; cup holders are also provided as a part of the standard offering.
On the whole, the 2010 Mini is a worthy buy, especially if you're looking for a unique automotive, and you can't simply question about its performance, class, and reliability, when the likes of BMW are involved in the design process.

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